Rediscover the Weekend

Take back your weekends!  In a world of pings, alerts and pop-up notifications, it’s too easy to check your email around the clock. For many, it is a necessity to remain in touch with our inboxes 365 days a year, but this is also true: If it’s urgent, you’ll be called; not emailed.

With this in mind, try disabling your email notifications – and turn off badges for your mail app (the little unread counter).  Without the interrupting noise, you’ll have a chance to focus on the task at hand, or even stop and enjoy the quiet. Then, when you’re ready, you can check in on your inbox.  Checking your email should be a deliberate choice, not a constant reminder.  By setting aside specific time for email responses, you not only free yourself for the other things in life, but your necessary work-from-home tasks can be completed in one efficient sitting.

Will this be a big change for you? Consider notifying your colleagues and remind them to call you with anything that’s time-sensitive.

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